• Martijn Benders posted an update 4 months ago

    Through a door in the air
    On a crumbling stair
    In a clear and rushing vein
    In a tunnel full of rain
    In a piece of yellow light
    On the skin of my eye
    Are you there?
    In the wind of my lung
    In methane and in love
    In petroleum plumes
    There’s a floating slice of moon
    In your tooth and your claw
    and your unforgiving jaws
    Are you there?
    In a burning white ship
    In the taste of her lips
    In the blood of the swans
    as the sun fucks the dawn
    In the mud of a lake
    In the drunk and the dazed
    Are you there?
    In the now that is not
    on a ladder to god
    On a mountain stripped bare
    With your hand in my hair
    Behind the face of the sky
    on a disappearing line
    Are you there?
    In the then that was now
    In the now that is not
    In our names we forgot
    In a thought we just lost
    We become what we choose
    We are stumbling fools
    Who are not there
    There’s some tangled dirty twine
    in some idiot’s clouded mind
    there’s some wires that won’t unwind
    around the ankles of the blind
    There’s walls lined with soft lead
    and in that room is your bed
    Is that really you?
    Are you in there?
    On the moon?
    In the air?
    Crushed in my hand?
    Thrown in a fire?