Repetitive Movement Syndrome

Ibotenic acid, which is present in Amanita Muscaria and several other Amanita species – I discovered it is related to an acid found in algea, and seeing that the human body has a muscarinic receptor network that controls the focus of the eyes, the question arises : Was Ibotanic acid or a precursor of it the cause of the marine animals crawling ashore, a pivotal moment in biological history?

Because modern biologists believe that it was precisely the development of the eyes that ensured that marine animals came ashore.

Now I suddenly had an interesting idea – the common explanation is
that fish had to travel to water from one pool to another and waited in the water to develop feet. But what if what we know as “Repetitive Movement
Syndrom” was exactly what caused those fish to go on land? If you keep making the same insane movement while tripping, you easily get somewhere.

The idea that Amanita Muscaria was consumed by monkeys and thus helped create modern man is obvious and not new – even the memory of it lives on in the species as a religious tale. But the guidance of the Amanitas goes back much, much further. We owe it a vision with focus.

Evolution from an egg

Then of course you come to the tricky part of the story – how does such a fish grow feet so fast? The common explanation here is one of impeding exctinction, that would have caused fish to sit in the water and grow feet while meditating about their extinction.

Humbug! Isn’t it far 
easier to explain when there is a strong poison that evokes the urge to survive, that makes one perform superfish deeds, and makes your aquatic body go into survival mode? 

If my theory that fish went unto land under the influence of RMS ( a good explanation, because no fish would do such a crazy thing on its own) – then it is also plausible that under the influence of that acid the development of primitive feet and legs knew great acceleration. 

The first fish came ashore shocking and tripping, with a predecessor of fly agaric in the blood.

This theory is more credible than the present accepted theory that fish developed feet while meditating in the water to get from one pool of water to the next. 

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