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  • Repetitive Movement Syndrome

    Ibotenic acid, which is present in Amanita Muscaria and several other Amanita species – I discovered it is related to an acid found in algea, and seeing that the human body has a […]

  • People who organize in tribes consume much less than people that organize in families. That must be the reason why its so hard to buy property with a group of people, at least over here at Psyborg-central, my name for the Netherlands.

  • Through a door in the air
    On a crumbling stair
    In a clear and rushing vein
    In a tunnel full of rain
    In a piece of yellow light
    On the skin of my eye
    Are you there?
    In the wind of my lung
    In methane and in love
    In petroleum plumes
    There’s a floating slice of moon
    In your tooth and your claw
    and your unforgiving jaws
    Are you there?
    In a burning…[Read more]

  • Een nieuw project diende zich aan – Etloy Kamchachu, de koriaakse dichter, manifesteert zich in mijn volgende bundel, O Kolle Klokkenspin.

  • Om te bewijzen dat je op san pedro ook best kunt koutrainen ben ik vandaag een uur op blote voeten gaan wandelen door de sneeuw op 3MG cactus. En mijn voeten werden eigenlijk pas tegen het einde koud.

  • Dit nummer was ik op een of andere manier vergeten.

  • Not an option, it’s literally what your russian book mentions about this tale:

    ‘Many people use fly agaric for gaining inspiration, such as the famous Koryak poet Etloy Kamchachu (Yuri Alotov), ​​author poems “Bear Blizzard”, “Ancestral Stone” and others. S. P. Krasheninnikov gives a story about how some servant ate moderately amanita bef…[Read more]

  • It was a dream, just a waking one. This reality is a dream, but normally a fixed one. Entheogens move the assemblage point, even more so than psychedelics. Then a lot becomes possible, people even change into animals and whatnot. Your particular ‘dream’ seems to have something to do with your identity and a certain strange focus you have on it.…[Read more]

  • Maar het wordt pas echt bizar als je bedenkt dat ze deze mogelijk kankerverwekkende stof in zo goed als alle medicijnen stoppen om die ‘mooi wit’ te maken, want dat vinden mensen verschrikkelijk belangrijk, dat de medicijnen mooi wit zijn:…[Read more]

  • I am the obnoxious psychedelic screensaver
    starting randomly whenever you open a book of random modern poetry

  • You had a lucid dream and it was somewhat bizarre. It seems like the amanita spirits decide to make fun of you a bit, or maybe they really did try teach you something about the nature of language. At any rate, this substance is no joke and in my experience hard to predict. It has so many layers, you never really know what you will get with…[Read more]

  • Gettin into the bone marrow man!

  • Au contraire, microdosing is exactly how we can let the influence of plant teachers grow in this world. Do you think the teachers care about your personal ‘respect’ because you had some experience, they care about changing the destruction that is ongoing in this…[Read more]

  • \’In a world that is rapidly collapsing under the weight of its problems we can afford to select the mediocre as the sublime\’

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